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The discovery of Christian Science was the spontaneous result of half a lifetime of personal scientific and spiritual development of Mary Baker, a farmer's daughter, who grew in an environment of treasured spiritual values and an age of a near explosive scientific development. Mary Baker drew a certain conviction from this background at the moment of a personal health crisis that threatened to become fatal.  She reasoned that if the remarkable cures that were performed in the first century of the Christian era were the result of a higher perception, they were not miraculous in nature, but were repeatable once the underlying principle was understood. Within those moments of reaching out for this advanced understanding she found herself suddenly completely healed, so much so that she personally opened the front door for the preacher who had stopped by her house to prepare her for death.

This breakthrough was the beginning of a development in scientific awareness that would eventually be felt around the world. She said to herself that she must find the science for this advanced awareness.  The early years of her unfolding discovery were rich in profound and absolute conclusions, which she immediately applied to the healing of others.  She applied herself in helping physicians, taking on their difficult and hopeless cases, producing astonishing healings.  One of the physicians urged her that she should document her discovery in a book, so that all could benefit from whatever discovery she had made.  Years later, such a book was indeed produced.  Its first edition appeared in 1875.

Since its first printing nearly 500 editions have been produced.  Many of the earlier editions were required to clarify statements and to restructure the presentation. 200 different editions were produced over the first 25 years, so rapid was the unfolding scientific development within her own thoughts.

The book bears the title: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  It is universally regarded as the textbook of Christian Science, and rightfully so. Nevertheless, most people, even those who utilize the book daily, including those who are teaching from it, are quite unaware of what the book actually contains.  This textbook it totally different than any other textbook this author has ever encountered. It appears to be a standard format textbook the presents a discovery and explains the underlying logic, except, this is just the surface appearance.  If one looks deeper, one finds that the book reflects St.John's foursquare matrix structure that represents in metaphor the principle of scientific development. This foursquare structure is made up of 16 elements.  The textbook, correspondingly, is made up of 16 chapters.  And even in the smaller context, many described structures within the textbook are made up of 16 parts of multiples thereof.  The book's glossary, for instance, is made up of 9x16 definitions of terms.

What all this adds up to is nothing more that the simple fact that the textbook is itself but an element of a much larger structure, and that this structure is not designed to indoctrinate, but to open the door to individual scientific and spiritual development.  It reflects what St.John foresaw as the driving factor in a development that invariably leads to the end of all evil.

This may appear as a daring assessment, especially if one considers the relatively minor role Mary Baker Eddy's accomplishment is playing in the larger sphere of healing. However, if one considers what the book has already accomplished for individuals over the century of its existence while no one knew what the book actually contains, one can expect tremendous developments forthcoming in areas as yet unimaginable, when, what the book represents, becomes fully understood.

A hundred pages of testimonies of healing have been included at the back of the book from random selections.  These healings have occurred as the result of people simply reading the book, at times without actively seeking a healing.  The advances in consciousness have been sufficient for the requisite mental movement to occur.  A vast body of testimonials has been presented over the last century of tremendous healing. Often these healings were brought about when the textbook and the Bible are combined within the context of the Bible lessons that are the backbone of the Christian Science Church.  No preachers preach in this church.  Its pastors are the Bible and the textbook that read correlatively by which prepared selections develop and understanding of the central theme of the lesson.

Through these lessons, which contain selections from the textbook, the entire Bible lesson structure becomes related to St.John's foursquare matrix and Mary Baker Eddy's representation of this matrix as scientific development structure.

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