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In the Beginning

2500 years ago

This takes us back to one of the greatest periods of scientific development in history, the Greek Classical period. It began with the development of Homer's poetry that gave the Greek mountain tribes a complex language as a foundation for developing and comprehending complex ideas. Homer used this language to combat the stranglehold of the Greek mythologies.

On this foundation a scientific development unfolded that was nearly explosive in nature. Within a couple of centuries the nation of mountain tribes that once couldn't master more than a hundred words brought forth the scientific geniuses that are still admired to the present day, people like Solon, Socrates, and Plato who founded the famous University of Athens.

Naturally, the Greek scientific explosion was echoed in other culturally advanced societies, like that of Egypt which became famous for its library of Alexandria. Alexandria became the hub for scientific development in the ancient world. It was at this time, in the middle of the 3rd century B.C., that the recognition was made that the earth is a sphere and that the size of this sphere was calculated with astonishing accuracy.  Moreover, this knowledge was applied to navigation in a daring attempt to circumnavigate the globe.  In 232 B.C. an Egyptian flotilla set sail across the Red Sea into the open Pacific on a voyage that would take it to the shores of South America.

All this happened 1700 years before Columbus was even born. Had this explosive scientific development not been interrupted by the ravishing of the Roman Empire, humanity would likely have stood on the Moon in 800 AD and explored the solar system. Then, humanity would have been spared its 1500 year epoch of dark ages, ages of violence, war, famine, and disease.

It was almost in the last moments, as it were, of this remarkable period of scientific and cultural development, that the Christian era unfolded, and it unfolded as a phenomenon linked to healing.  In no other period in human history has spiritual healing been practiced with such power, efficacy, and assured certainty, than it was practiced by Christ Jesus and his followers in the first century A.D..

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