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Poems of Joy
A sample of the Christian Science Hymnal

The Christian Science Hymnal had its first edition in 1892 with thee poems by Mary Baker Eddy set to music: Christ My Refuge, Communion Hymn, and Feed My Sheep. Over time,  four more poems by Mary Baker Eddy were included, with the poems, Love, and Satisfied, being added with the 3rd Revision, the last revision, in 1932). In this on-line presentation only the seven poems of Mary Baker Eddy are presented as a brief sample, which are in the public domain. The rest of the words of the hymns are considered the (private) intellectual property of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston ,Massachusetts, and regretfully, cannot be presented here.

The seven poems by Mary Baker Eddy that are included in the hymnal are presented on this site in honoring Mary Baker Eddy's outstanding achievement in hymnody that is rich with spirituality, love, and Christianity as a demonstrable Science.

Poems by Mary Baker Eddy
included as hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal

@ Mary Baker Eddy (Blessed Christmas morn)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Love)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Satisfied)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Mother's Evening Prayer)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Christ My Refuge)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Communion Hymn)
@ Mary Baker Eddy (Feed My Sheep)

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