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Twenty Centuries Ago

In the twilight of the dawn

The beginning of the Christ period is counted as the first century A.D. in the regimen of our modern calendar.  This century was rich in promises for a bright new age.  As it was, humanity lacked the wisdom to turn the promise into reality. The pioneer can set a new stage for humanity, but he cannot spare humanity the task of applying the discovered principles and to make further advances. In the wake of this failure a long period of dark ages unfolded.  However, one promise remained.  Actually it was more an observation than a promise. The Apostle John presented in metaphor a vision of a bright future for humanity as the inevitable result of a trend that he had recognized was already unfolding.

The Apostle John described a vision of a city foursquare descending from God in which there would be no night forever. The symbolism of a foursquare structure relates directly to scientific development, since a foursquare matrix structure is an ideal platform for ordering observed facts, for advanced inquiry, and for exploring fundamental principles.  This vision is reported in a book, called the Apocalypse where he predicts a dramatic ending, a final overturning as it were. Doomsday prophets see this as a prediction of the end of humanity. However, if one draws together the entire book, one cannot help see the opposite.  One recognizes that he predicted the end of evil, of all evil in the world, as the inevitable outcome of humanity's forever continuing scientific development. Thus, he predicted the dawn of a bright new era in which there would be no darkness at all.

If one considers the background against which this prediction was made, in terms of the scientific development that had been achieved, and in terms of the manner in which this development had manifested itself, it was not a daring and irresponsible step to predict the inevitable based on observed principles reflecting the nature of man and the universe. Nor does it matter in this context that many centuries of dark ages had blackened the face of humanity.  History has proven that the scientific and spiritual development of humanity cannot be smothered forever, because it is rooted in who we are.

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